Terminus Land Surveying

Terminus Land Surveying PLLC provides professional land surveying services to western North Carolina real estate owners and developers. Located between Asheville and Hendersonville in the town of Fletcher, Terminus Land Surveying is situated perfectly to handle projects in the western North Carolina Mountains. Terminus provides surveying to small landowners, commercial developers, and large land development groups. Terminus offers a large line of services ranging from land design concepts to boundary surveying.

Did you know?

In Roman religion, Terminus was the god who protected boundary markers. The name was the Latin word for such a marker and sacrifices were performed to sanctify each boundary stone. Landowners celebrated a festival called the Terminalia in Terminus' honor each year on February 23.

Where we have been?

Terminus land surveyors have 11 years of surveying experience on projects in 13 different states throughout the east coast region ranging from Maine to South Carolina. Terminus staff is currently licensed to work in North Carolina and regulated by the North Carolina Board of Engineers and Land Surveying.